SoCore is an extremely transparent and hardworking energy partner. They are engaged at all levels across our organization and are committed to leveraging all their resources, networks and tools in order to optimize our solar capabilities and benefits.
Menno Enters, Director of Energy and Sustainability for Walgreens
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SoCore Logistics

Solar installations for retail businesses require a sophisticated and precise logistics methodology—one that SoCore has long mastered. We oversee every detail to ensure the success of both the installation and the ongoing operation of the business.

  • Staging – SoCore precisely plans and executes the installation through rigorous staging. We manage every detail, from carefully determining required parking spots and knowing exactly where the panels will be lifted onto the roof to our precious understanding of how the structure of the roof supports the concentrated load.
  • Customer Flow Management – SoCore devises a customer flow plan for the installation to ensure “business as usual” for the retailer and its customers
  • On-Site Management Oversight – SoCore provides information, resources and support to on-site store management teams while ensuring approvals and operational issues are quickly addressed
  • Shutdown & Tie-in Planning – SoCore coordinates the key installation events that affect normal business operations. A SoCore engineer will always be onsite for any shut down or tie-in event. It’s our way of ensuring that nothing goes wrong. And if something unexpected occurs, we can act expeditiously.
  • Safety Protocol – SoCore establishes a rigorous safety protocol to ensure the utmost safety of all staff, clients, workers and visitors.

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