SoCore is an extremely transparent and hardworking energy partner. They are engaged at all levels across our organization and are committed to leveraging all their resources, networks and tools in order to optimize our solar capabilities and benefits.
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Financing & Financial Structures
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Making Smart Solar Investments Smarter

SoCore Financing & Financial Structures

SoCore works to make a smart solar investment even smarter through innovative financing. From engineering and customizing financing solutions to building pioneering financial structures, we are fanatical in our quest to make solar an affordable and strategic energy solution for every retailer we serve.

The quality and precision we bring to the engineering side of our business is mirrored by our financing expertise. Through market knowledge and industry partnerships, we offer clients a wide range of financing options, such as:

  • Solar System Purchase
  • Solar Rental Service
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Grants, Rebates, Incentives & Policies

Federal, state and local government all offer an array of incentives and rebates to businesses implementing solar solutions. SoCore works directly with government and utility companies to pursue and examine all opportunities, including:

  • Federal investment tax credits
  • State tax credits and incentives
  • Local rebates and production-based incentives
  • Solar Renewable energy credits (SRECs)
  • SoCore also proactively creates custom incentive and rebate structures in partnership with utilities and municipalities on behalf of our customers

SoCore’s Policy Team keeps a close watch on the policy and economic forces that are driving changes in U.S. energy markets. We are proud to work in a game-changing industry that offers a clean and profitable alternative to conventional power supply options. We engage in legislative, regulatory and administrative advocacy to create new opportunities for our clients while educating policy makers about the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.

To learn more about SoCore’s solar solutions for retailers, contact us today.

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