SoCore Service

Unwavering, Unrivaled

SoCore Service

Customer service is the ultimate measure of success at SoCore. We empower employees to do all they can to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We treat our employees as if they were owners of the company.  This commitment to ownership and empowerment emboldens us all to be innovative, proactive and flexible in our approach to our clients’ solar energy goals and challenges.

Service Excellence in Action

  • Flexible. Our client service excellence can be seen in the solar solutions we deliver—not one solution is the same because not one of our clients is the same.
  • Responsive. We are serially responsive, providing solar project and installation reports and feedback continuously.
  • Innovative. We believe in bringing new ideas and opportunities to our clients. Many of our innovations originated as efforts to improve a solar solution for a client.

To learn more about SoCore’s solar solutions for retailers, REITs and industrial clients, contact us today.