Our Commitment to Clients

Supporting, Educating & Serving

Our Commitment to Clients

SoCore has developed a Customer Bill of Rights to ensure our clients’ highest standards of customer service are met as we plan, design and execute solar solutions.

Customer Bill of Rights

As our solar energy customer, you have the right to:

  • A quick response to all inquiries as well an expedited proposal and quote
  • Full transparency as it relates to the progress of your solar project
  • Have your needs addressed versus being sold on an arrangement that does not fully consider what is best for you
  • Negotiate simple documents with a reasonable counterparty
  • Be treated as we would want to be treated
  • Be appropriately educated on solar technologies, solar financing and solar rebates
  • Speak with anyone in our organization who can best address your solar energy needs

To learn more about SoCore’s solar solutions for retailers, REITs and industrial clients, contact us today.