Our Approach

Focused, Attentive, Genuine

Our Approach

SoCore is the only company in the solar energy industry focused exclusively on serving multisite retailers, REITs and industrial clients. SoCore does not provide residential solutions or utility scale solutions. Instead, we focus exclusively on the challenges and opportunities of large-scale and multi-site installations.

We call it our portfolio approach because we are working to build a portfolio of affordable, strategic solar-energy installations for each client.  SoCore leverages economies of scale to improve the financial advantages of solar energy for businesses with multiple properties. The result is lower-cost solar energy that reduces current expenses and hedges against utility-price increases.

Always Listening

SoCore’s approach is also client-centric. We believe in listening to our clients’ unique challenges in order to deliver solar solutions that genuinely meet their needs.

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SoCore’s Portfolio Approach

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