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Best-in-class Procurement

  • Access to all leading technology to meet the needs of each customer
  • Economies of scale achieve lowest costs
  • Quality control for consistent deliver

In order to verify the quality of the products we use for our solar and battery storage projects, SoCore Energy utilizes a multi-faceted approach to quality assurance.

SoCore’s Approved Vendor List comprises industry leaders within the solar energy and battery storage technology industries. We specify the highest quality products for our installation and rely upon both public and proprietary information during the vendor qualification and selection process for modules, inverters, racking, batteries and labor.

Ensuring Quality Through Onsite Audits

Key members of SoCore’s procurement team perform regular factory audits of SoCore’s primary suppliers in the U.S. and China. During these visits, SoCore team members make recommendations for improvements in production lines, and review detailed plans for ongoing manufacturing performance improvement.

SoCore team members visiting and auditing Chinese suppliers’ production facilities

SoCore team members visiting and auditing Chinese suppliers’ production facilities

Suppliers are held to best-in-class quality standards in their facilities, as well as shipping and logistics to the project site.

For new modules produced in China, SoCore mobilizes local quality assurance partners for factory audits and in-line production monitoring. During in-line production monitoring, our partners staff the module production factory with a team of engineers during all shifts of the day for full-time supervision and statistical sampling of modules against the supplier’s own quality standards. This allows us to immediately identify, escalate and improve quality issues during the production process. SoCore obtains daily reports of production monitoring results including any blemishes in the finished product, as well as serialized flash test results and electroluminescent imaging of the modules before they are shipped.

For all modules, both new production and purchased inventory, SoCore works with state-of-the-art PV testing laboratories throughout the U.S. to perform destructive testing on statistical sample batches of PV modules being produced for our installations. The modules are tested for PAN file validation as well as reliability verification relative to the IEC 61215 standard and National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Reliability Plus testing metrics. Key tests include Thermal Cycling, Humidity Freeze, Damp Heat and Mechanical Load.


We are very happy that the efficiency and economic goals we set for the SoCore Energy solar arrays are being realized. Those results, along with its expertise and project implementation excellence, are why SoCore has become a long-term partner in solar development for Kimco.