Even the sky’s not the limit when you’ve got the right energy partner.

When your business model revolves around the sun itself, thinking big is business as usual.

At SoCore Energy, you’ll find an entrepreneurial partner with a proven — and unmatched — track record of solar success. Our innovative and groundbreaking solar energy installations have helped clients nationwide build and maintain more sustainable, cost-saving energy solutions from single sites to entire portfolios of properties.

SoCore’s industry-leading financing, technical and project management expertise is combined with outstanding customer service for our clients, who include Fortune 500 companies, retailers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), electric cooperatives, municipalities and academic institutions.

As part of Edison International, SoCore combines its deep experience and focus in solar with Edison’s financial scale, stability and unparalleled leadership in the electric power sector — delivering a genuinely unique combination of advantages to our customers.

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil or coal run out before we tackle that.

Check out SoCore Energy's largest, 2.7 megawatt rooftop installation in Hagerstown, MD.

We have the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up and the strengths of a Fortune 500 company. It’s a unique combination in our industry.

solar and why now?

More than ever, adding solar to your energy portfolio is a wise business decision.


SoCore’s outstanding customer service and relationship-based approach has made them a true partner.

What makes us DIFFERENT?

Serving clients nationwide from commercial to cooperatives and retail to real estate, SoCore works to build a portfolio of cost competitive, strategic solar-energy installations for every customer at every site, every time — that is what we do.

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Find a way
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Bring it together
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Make it great


Electricity is a large piece of our controllable operating costs. We can reduce costs by managing energy more efficiently, plus reduce our carbon footprint at the same time.

The SoCore team is very proactive, focused and transparent. I have numerous projects underway at a time so their diligence frees me from having to constantly check-in and monitor progress

Our areas of FOCUS

With hundreds of installations across the U.S., SoCore and its partners have the experience to provide customer offerings in a wide variety of sectors with energy cost savings and carbon reduction metrics that are more valuable than ever. At the same time, our projects offer real, demonstrable benefits at the community level, including local jobs and economic development.

Our hub is able to process more than one-third of its daily packages, or more than 288,888 a day, through the use of solar-generated power.

How we work with you

While every client is unique and every project presents a fresh set of opportunities, SoCore brings a full grouping of professional services and relationships in executing every installation. They include:

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SoCore helped us achieve an additional 25% project cost savings with their thorough understanding and ability to easily navigate our state grant application process.

IT’S TIME to harness
your own solar power

SoCore is here, ready and able to begin building your own solar and distributed energy portfolio. Working with the market leader in solar portfolio development, you’ll receive the full benefit of our engineering excellence and financial innovation, reducing the operational and bottom-line expense of solar energy implementation, cutting energy costs and hedging against utility-rate increases. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to make your clean energy investment a success — and to bringing you the genuine, measurable and lasting benefits of becoming solar empowered.

Solar Powered


SoCore is an extremely transparent and hardworking energy partner. They are engaged at all levels across our organization and are committed to leveraging all their resources, networks and tools in order to optimize our solar capabilities and benefits.

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